Childhood memories are indeed the best days people would always love to look back on. It
is like a memory bank where we deposit our childish and innocent recollections. Being a kid
is a phase in the life of a person where we tend to be carefree and worrying less about life

Sleeping Inside The Classroom

A viral video that circles around Facebook today shows how a kid makes everyone have a
good laugh. In a video posted by Agnes Ravelo Orillos, what seems to catch in a CCTV clip
shows a kid who is in deep sleep while his classmates are leaving the room, a sign that the
class has ended. However, a woman came up to him and help him fix his bag.

The Chair Or The Bag?

As if suddenly awaken, the kid rose and mistakenly brought his chair and wear it like how
he does with his backpack and walk fast leaving the room, and his bag

The woman who accompanied the kid and the people around witnessed the kid’s funny
mistake and thereon, what seems to be the mother of the kid returned the chair while
laughing her heart out

Moreover, the people reviewing the footage laugh horribly not in a way insulting but just
being happy with how the innocent kid react on the situation.

Good Vibes

In a matter of few hours, Agnes’s post is being viewed, shared and reacted by many,
escalating quickly, spreading good vibes to netizens.
Funny videos like this aren’t about to draw attention to parents and kids not to sleep late at
night but just to make everyone happy despite lots of bad news, horrible and fake headlines
circling around the social media. As of this writing, this viral video has reached more than
half a million views, almost 12k reactions, and more than 26k shares, and still counting.


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